First Aid For All!

MedicForce is a non-profit 501(c)(3), independent organization that utilizes first aid and medical professionals to provide free first aid training and care to remote communities throughout the world.

Current Projects:

Belize | USA Kenya | Nepal

MedicForce provides sustainable medical relief to remote communities throughout the world, focusing on immediate care, education and training.  The provision of ‘first aid (training) for all’ allows individuals within a community to make informed decisions to prevent unnecessary death or further suffering from easily treatable medical conditions.  Long term sustainability is achieved by the advanced medical training of individuals within the community and providing medical supplies (or funds to purchase supplies) to take care of basic medical problems and health education within a community.

Volunteers include doctors, nurses and dentists although this is not required for all volunteer positions. Each project has a list of volunteer positions and their respective necessary skills ranging from medical professionals to volunteers with business or construction skills.

What We Do:

  • Promote Health Education Programs
  • Run Malaria Screenings
  • Provide Medical Training
  • Establish Medical Clinics


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Friends of MedicForce


 is working with wilderness medicine leader SOLO to develop community medical projects throughout the world.


proudly supports MedicForce as one of their chosen charities. NOC staff frequently volunteer for our expeditions. NOC stores sponsor MedicForce with their round up programs.