MedicForce has teamed up with UK based charity ‘Osiligi’ (the Maasai word for hope), to help them to continue their excellent work providing Education, health and sustainable employment for Maasai tribes people. Osiligi have already made huge improvements within the community, building a primary school, providing clean water and a child sponsorship program. MedicForce will add its expertise in community health to build a health post and train members of the community to work in the clinic.        

The Maasai are one of the poorest tribes in Kenya. Life is hard,  infant mortality high and drinking water rarely clean or close-by. Maasai people on average live to less than 50, less than the rest of Kenya and much less than the USA life expectancy of 78.2 years.

The Maasai lifestyle is one of the oldest surviving tribal traditions. In the past, the Maasai were nomadic pastoralists, roaming with their cattle. School was unnecessary and impractical. Now, much of the land long used by their ancestors is tourist game reserves or fenced off. The climate is changing and in 2008 and 2009 there were very bad droughts. Many families lost over 90% of their cattle. Near starvation forced many Maasai to leave their homes and lifestyle. The Maasai say that they must now adapt to prevent starvation of their people. They want schools and a good education for their children in order to have Maasai doctors, engineers and teachers.

Phase 1.

Our team leave for Nairobi on March 30th. We meet with members of the community and start the hugely important process of information gathering and research. For this project to be successful we have to fully understand the needs of the community, health issues, transportation logistics and start making partnerships with government organizations and other organizations within the region. A site has to be selected and budgets drawn up for the construction of this facility. A detailed assessment of the training needs of the community needs to be done together with plans for volunteers in the future.

Stay Tuned....